Wiley X Eyewear is the favorite protective eyewear choice for soldiers, law enforcement and motorcycle riders because of its superior impact resistance, protection against the elements and stylish look. Wiley-X eyewear is also a good choice for sports, or anyone who wants a sleek, high quality pair of sunglasses at a reasonable price. Some of the agencies making Wiley X sunglasses and goggles standard issue equipment include, the Navy Seals, FBI, Army Rangers and Military Special Forces. Certain models of Wiley X goggles and sunglasses are tested to withstand a 12 gauge shotgun blast from ten yards away. The Wiley X Climate Control Series features a patented facial seal that protects eyes from dry environments, dust, pollen and other irritants. For the best in tactical and ballistics rated eyewear, choose Wiley X Eyewear from EyewearPlanet.

Wiley X

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