Oakley makes some of the finest sunglasses in the world, hands down, bar none - just ask any of the world-class athletes who've been wearing Oakley Sunglasses for decades. But the Oakley brand is about more than just eyewear. Oakley encompasses a lifestyle, an attitude - a refusal to stay still or accept "good enough", and a commitment to the finest quality in materials, in research and design, in technology. Oakley Eyewear is shaped by the requirements of function. It's not just hype or marketing - Oakley is so committed to quality construction and R&D that they built their own laboratory building specifically to pursue the continuing evolution of their eyewear. Oakley is a consistent leader in the eyewear industry, tackling problems with innovative new solutions.

The History and Philosophy of Oakley...

Oakley began back in 1975, when Jim Jannard conceived of an entirely new style of motorcycle grips, custom-designed to fit the rider's closed hand and increase its grip when damp. As word spread about this innovative product, Jim had an epiphany about a pair of sunglasses: why couldn't sunglasses have the same level of innovation and thought that had gone into those grips? The result was the first Oakley shield sunglasses, the Oakley Eyeshade - designed to be comfortable, flexible and virtually indestructible. The next step was optical testing and improvement, with Oakley's XYZ Optics as the result.

From that beginning, the company's success and philosophy were born - constant innovation and reinvention. Technology wrapped in art. Oakley is constantly driven to make things better than they were before, to solve the problems that others haven't even seen yet. Today, Oakley eyewear is regarded as the go-to choice for top athletes and those who demand total performance. For over twenty years, Oakley Eye Wear has been on the cutting edge of the sports world. Athletes across the planet prefer Oakleys, for riding, racing, running, flying, competing... for any event where you're pushing limits and boundaries. When clarity has to be uncompromised and performance has to be unquestioned - turn to Oakley.


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