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Revo Sunglasses Highside RE4040

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Revo Sunglasses Highside RE4040 Product Info

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Specifications for Revo Highside:

Lens Diameter: 61mm
Distance between lenses: 13mm
UV Protection: 100% UVA & UVB Protection
Light Transmission:
  • Graphite=13%
  • Bronze=13%
  • Cobalt=21%

Features of Revo Sunglasses High Side:

  • Serilium Lens is made from the purest polycarbonate known to man; capable of withstanding high-velocity impact from objects like gravel. Infused with Revo Polarcast technology
  • Anti-Reflective coating eliminates light that is reflected off the inside of a lens from the surrounding environment
  • Element Shed lens coating that makes sweat, oil, dirt, etc. from sticking to the lens surface
  • Revo Polarcast blocks glare off flat surfaces like water, snow and the road
  • Re-Use frames are precision molded from 100% recycled pre-consumer polymer resins
  • Nylon frames are a lightweight and durable material that is precision molded to form the frame of our sunglasses. These frames are flexible and maintain their shape well
  • Motion-Fit design positions your sunglasses to ideal location on your nose and ears. This creates a fit that is free of unwanted pressure points. Motion-Fit frames are designed around the lenses, delivering optical clarity from any angle, reduced eyestrain, and a very comfortable fit

Package Contents:

  • Revo Highside Sunglasses
Revo Highside Sunglasses RE4040-01 Revo Highside Sunglasses RE4040-01
Revo Highside Sunglasses RE4040-01